We are honored to welcome

Susan Terrizzi

as she presents:

"Overcoming Obstacles"

What is a Liability vs. an Asset. Can something be both?

Susan Terrizzi, owner of Sum Moxie, knows a thing or two about checks and balances, as her business focuses on bookkeeping and finances for business. When she was labeled as dyslexic, it had a huge impact on her life. Susan will define dyslexia and talk about its challenges and gifts, and how she copes with the daily challenges of being labeled dyslexic. Hear her journey of how she turned her perceived liability (dyslexia) into her business's greatest asset and the tips and tricks she has taught herself along the way.

Learn how you can redefine what others see as a liability and change it to an asset that serves you and others.


January 1o, 2020

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As the founder of Sum Moxie, Susan’s mission is to inspire women, like you, to overcome their hidden challenges, be courageous and create prosperity all while nurturing the harmonious lifestyle they desire. She does this by helping her clients define simple, precise and achievable goals through one-on-one coaching sessions and aspirational retreats. Based on her years of experience she educates women on how to avoid costly financial pitfalls and increase their profits.

Susan gained much of her business acumen from her parents, who started their business when she was five. With their encouragement, starting at the age of 12, she began to invest in product lines, determine profit margins and created engaging displays for her potential customers at their gift shop. This taught Susan the fundamental basics of running a business, which she still relies on today.

In her spare time she loves taking macro nature photography, as it is a fun way to capture the little nuances that the human eye does not always detect. Even as a child she was often found pondering the tiny complexities of a wild berry. Or being fascinated by the natural simplicity of a little flower, while bathing in the summer sun.

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